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Congratulations on your engagement and the beginning of a new chapter in your life!


These are exciting times!

Flowers and color are the first things people notice when attending a wedding. They can create an unforgettable atmosphere. You want your flowers/décor to be in balance with the venue for a harmonious look.


The most difficult part of planning is figuring out a budget. This is the biggest day you are hosting an event and most people have little knowledge of floral costs.

Do some research to find out what is realistic for your area. The cost all depends on style, size and the specific flowers chosen. Here are some estimates of general costs in this area.

You can estimate what yours will cost based on how many attendants you have, corsages/boutonnieres, centerpieces needed etc.

Decide what areas are most important to you (bridal bouquet, centerpieces, receptions etc.). and discuss with whomever is paying what a realistic budget is. Today the flowers are often paid for by both the bride and groom’s families.


When you are ready to meet for a consultation bring color samples and pictures of bouquets you like. An average consultation takes one hour. Don’t try to tackle all your vendor consultations in one day. It can be  overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions to be made!

Keep your sense of humor when it gets stressful and have fun creating the event of your dreams!


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